Cancer with care

Cum Cura is the umbrella patient organisation for people suffering from rare benign, locally aggressive and malignant bone and soft tissue tumors



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Cancer with care

Our goal is creating a true approachable caring community for and by patients and their environment, a supportive community for better and for worse. The organization unites several patient-subgroups, among which Sarcoma Cum Cura, Desmoid Cum Cura and Giant Cell Tumors Cum Cura. There are general information platforms, and also platforms for each individual subgroup.

Apart from offering information concerning these rare tumors, the organization also wishes to support three target audiences being patients, family/loved ones and their (para)medical caregivers in order to facilitate peer support and to improve their quality of life. Scientific progress is closely followed up, translated and spread amongst our target audiences.

In order to give our patients and their loved ones a voice towards the government, the VZW will chart the needs of our three target audiences, address and help solve bottlenecks. As these tumors are very rare, the VZW strives for generating public awareness to make the illness more visible and raise mutual understanding.

Do these questions sound familiar to you?

What does your illness mean?

What are the consequences?

Which aid is available?

How do others deal with this?

What treatment is available?

What can I expect from the rehabilitation?

What if I can no longer work?


All of these questions, and many more, will be properly answered on their own site. Both patients, families, relatives and (para) medical providers can find answers to their (para) medical and practical questions. In doing so, the organization maps out the needs of the patient and their relatives and together searches for solutions to improve the quality of life. In addition, the organization wants to participate in the further developments of health policy and health facilities as a representative for the patient and the person concerned.

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Peer support

You are not alone! Meet other survivors.

CumCuraDag - lotgenotendag

The next CumCuraDag will take place on November, 2024. Inschrijven is noodzakelijk via this link.
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Survivor group

Connect with others as a survivors in a safe environment? You can do so online through our private facebook groups.
Admission is limited only to survivors of : sarcoma, desmoid, giant cell tumors or family of survivors.


Do you have an individual question? Then our volunteer buddies within Cum Cura will be happy to answer you. Send us a message via the webpage by clicking on the appropriate link: sarcoma, desmoid or giant cell tumors.


Kijk hier om enkele getuigenissen te bekijken van lotgenoten van sarcoma or desmoid.

We blijven verder werken om een hele waaier aan verhalen, filmpjes en andere patiëntenanekdotes te verzamelen.
Are you a patient or is your loved one a patient suffering a rare bone or soft tissue tumor and do you wish to share your story?
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All profits will be used for the charity’s functioning, starting actions and cancer research concerning our cancer types. 


In order to succeed and reach our goal we are looking for eager (ex) patients and volunteers!

You can contribute in any way as long as it is to your ability, time and talent. For example, you can make a video, follow up tweets, take care of administration, help during events or lectures, talk to fellow survivors, you name it.

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